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We are Creative Software Company

When we set up our business, we started research to find an electronic system to be the most powerful help in organizing operations, identifying needs, enhancing strengths and minimizing the impact of vulnerabilities. After a long search, we confined a variety of electronic software and systems that did not actually touch our actual needs. So we started to build our own system, which was the product of a real day-to-day practice over long periods in which we were able to recognize the most of our daily business operations.

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We help our clients build their projects from idea to project As well as web design, applications, customized software and business identities

our programs

Tog Program

It is an integrated cloud accounting system to manage the majority of wholesale and retail shops. The system features a simple, easy-to-use and customizable interface that allows many services such as customer and supplier management and offers easy and fast fouling with VAT calculation and inventory management. The collar comes with a complete powers system for all parts of the program to determine the special functions of each staff member with a central presence and multiple branches and warehouses and also supports the work of various delegates

Local Sales Management Program

It is one of the software solutions offered to you by the Beacon of the Era Commercial Foundation. The program comes with a local selling point (cashier) with an easy-to-use graphic interface and ensures you accuracy and mastery in your business as well as detailed reports that will make you make the right decisions to upgrade your business.

Gold Online Sales Management System

The Gold Sales Management System is designed to implement electronic billing for gold sales in line with the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority. The advantages of the system are easy, fast performance and high security rate and allow the user to enter anytime and from anywhere.

Ward Outlet Program

The Management Communications Program is designed in the principle of organizing the work of administrative communications in order to reduce paper consumption, damage of transactions and transition to electronic work so that it is concerned with the management,coordination and archiving of transactions (issued/received/internal transaction). The stages of work of the program include all application procedures from the date of the transaction through all procedures of referrals, comments and addition of attachments and receipt and delivery data.


Discover our Services

Online Store Design

We help you create a real presence for your business to show your target audience in a professional and attractive manner to keep pace with the technological development we have seen in recent years, all at very competitive and appropriate prices.

Design Corporate Websites

We help you create your own website using professional patterns and designs that include highlighting the brand and visual identity of the activity. You will also be able to document the brands with the import and export companies of your activity.

special programming

The main idea of our special programming paragraph is the process of turning your idea into a professional project that covers all your personal requirements and the process in sequenced steps that will make it easier for you to pursue your project from idea to start.

Business Identity Design

Our first goal is the success of your business so we offer you a logo design service and commercial visual identity as this will reflect on attracting the interest of consumers and customers to reflect on your sales volume and expand your business.

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